I will pay for the following essay Willow. The essay is to be 3 pages with three

I will pay for the following essay Willow. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
A few years after he dies too and this is where he discovers the afterlife. It is this bereavement that makes the viewer question their own lives and what would happen if this happened to them. It makes the viewer reflect on the uncertainty of life and how life can turn around within a split moment. When Chris Nielson dies his wife is left behind to grieve not only for the children,
but also for her husband. It is not surprising that her sanity is taxed as she finds herself alone in this life.
The afterlife displayed in this film is a place where everything happens because of the imagination. This leaves one to question their own beliefs. William Blake offers this unique glimpse at the afterlife where the imagination is the real human truth. The film challenges a persons values when Annie Collins-Nielsen commits suicide after grieving her two children and husband. Before watching this film a person may have had no understanding of suicide, but after watching the film and seeing the very real loss that Annie Collins-Nielsen suffers values, beliefs and ideas about suicide are challenged. Had Chris Nielson not been in such a respectable career where people looked up to him there might not have been such great loss to the whole of the society. Those in lesser known jobs would probably not leave such a huge gap. The fact that Chris Nielson was also working with children will also affect the children in a deeper way. Suddenly the whole society was faced by this loss and parents would have to explain to their children about death and bereavement.
After reading chapter 7, what do you think of the quote, “when the collective is hostile to a womans natural life, rather than accept the derogatory or disrespectful labels that are placed upon her, she can and must, like the ugly duckling, hold on, hold out, and search for that which she belongs to.

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