Ideal Health Care System

Ideal Health Care System Paper instructions: The purpose of this assignment is to allow students to create their œideal health system with respect to cost, access, and quality. Students will analyze system problems and solutions, issues and trends. Pages 1-3*: Thoroughly describe how your proposed health system will function in terms of cost (page 1), access (page 2), and quality (page 3).* Pages 4 and 5*: Address at least 2 issues that might be present with your new system. What are the solutions to these two issues? Page 6: References *If each page is less than 1 whole page (ie: ¾ of a page), you will lose points. Therefore, please ensure there is substantive detail in the entire 1 page. In summation: there must be 5 whole pages + the references. Your paper must contain the following: – At least two references from peer-reviewed journal articles or government-approved websites. Note: Wikipedia is not an approved source. – Please format your paper as follows: 12 pt. Times New Roman font; double spaced. Please ensure you only utilize normal Word formatted margins. You do not need to include a cover page, but your first and last name should be contained on line 1 of your first page. – Please spell/grammar check before submission. If your paper contains errors, you will lose points. – Please format your sources in APA format. This means you will list the source on your reference sheet AND include parenthetical citations within your work where you draw from someone else’s thoughts. Improper APA formatting will result in a loss of formatting points.

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