Identify a healthy child who is under 10 years old.


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Hi, i need this assignment bo done by october 25th, please look at instruction:

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Guidelines for Well Child Health History NUR 250

1. Identify a healthy child who is under 10 years old. Preferably the child should be over 1 year old to provide you with adequate history information. a. This child cannot be your own child. It can be the child of a friend, relative, neighbor etc.

2. Using the section in your Ball & Bindler textbook beginning on page 113 to 116 as a guide, take a history on the child.

3. Include the Physiological Data section (pg 113-114), the Family history and the Review of Systems (pg 115) and Psychosocial information (pg 115-116) a. Include past history of illness or injury, including birth history and meeting of milestones, diet, safety, activities and sleep, nutrition/diet etc. b. Follow the Well Child Health History form to know what to include also. c. For family history, include which family members have conditions or diseases.

4. Be as detailed and specific as possible in all areas. Each area should be assessed and recorded unless exceptions are indicated. Do not just write “does not apply”.

5. Be sure to distinguish between history (subjective) and physical exam (objective) in the Review of Systems. Findings on this paper should include history information. Data is collected by talking to the child and caregiver, not by using physical exam techniques. Some objective data can be included if you are able to observe it without actually examining the child ie skin color or level of consciousness.

6. Examine your Health History and identify 2 health promotion goals that could benefit the child.

7. Health Promotion goals: a. Write goal as specifically as possible (not just “improve diet” but “child will increase vegetable intake to 3 servings per day” for example) b. Identify a plan to achieve the goal c. Identify resources you and/or the family can use to achieve the goal ie written educational materials, Internet sites etc. d. Identify Supports (things that would support the goal being achieved, such as parental interest) and Constraints (things that could interfere with the goal being achieved, such as financial difficulties)

8. Paper should be typed on correct forms.

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