Identify a legislative activity that affects the policy and the key legislative actors. Is the legislature of your state actively involved in this issue? If so, explain how it is actively engaged in this issue. If not, explain how it can be actively involved in this issue.

Course Project Part III 6

Course Project Part III
By: Ameki Lee
Dr. White
MPA6501 SU01 State and Local Government and Intergovernmental Relations
Determine whether your chosen policy is important to the general population.
The affordable care at is important to the general population since all Americans have the right to access to quality health care at an affordable cost. Since the introduction of the act in 2010, millions of the Americans can access the medical coverage they need. Under the act, individuals are covered by their parent’s insurances until they reach age 26. This allows millions of high school, college students and graduates to continue receiving medical coverage under their family until they are in a position to find a job and pay for their healthcare plan. However, this has resulted in controversies since all Americans are legally required to get covered or face a tax penalty (Sommers et al., 2015).
Apart from youths, women are also the greatest beneficiary of the Affordable care policy. Today, women with affordable care plan cannot be denied treatment of cancer or pregnancy service. In other words, no woman can be turned down according to their condition under this act. Pregnant women under the policy can access free checkups during and after pregnancy ensuring they can afford the coverage. In short, the act provides equity and women will no longer be charged higher premiums compared to men hence improving the general quality of care to all Americans (Sommers et al., 2015).
Another way the Affordable care act is vital to the general public is by making insurance companies accountable. The accountability includes insurance company focusing on the provision of reliable and effective service to all Americans rather than being profit oriented. This minimizes amounts taken from Americans since the company can only account for the percentage usage in insurance coverage.
Identify the key interest groups actively involved in the policy area and the policy preferences of the interest groups. Are there competing interest groups?
The main reason for the past failure of the health care reforms is that special interest groups were lobbying the government hence blocking such changes. Interest groups have hugely impacted the medical reforms of America as they attempt to shape the medical care to their own needs. The main role of the interest group is to influence policy reformation. Interest groups accomplish this by lobbying the policy. Before lobbying, interest group ensures that the policy is to the best of interest to the public. The presence of an interest group helped to shape the ACA policy by ensuring it would be affordable to every American. Interest groups like the American Hospital Association and Families USA shaped the final ACA policy to reduce the level of un-insurance (Wherry & Miller, 2016). Furthermore, the two interest groups made the policy favorable such that the insurer was willing to accept the strict regulations, pice control and accountability of the cover. Furthermore, the interest group ensured that the act had policies that will improve the living standards of all Americans. Furthermore, the ACA complain made the private insurance reduce their price since public healthcare could also provide affordable and quality care at an affordable price (Haeder & Weimer, 2015).
Since the Affordable Care Act has been an area of debate in America, many interest groups are sprouting up supporting or opposing the care with the aim of gaining public attention. Although interest group is meant to represent the needs of the public, the competition for relevance could lead to undermining their primary role. Conservative corner interest group, on the other hand, was against the ACA reforms claiming it wasn’t differenced from the previous medical coverage and that it was costly. Many analysts argued that the interest group was influenced by its political affiliation and the desire to compete while seeming unique (Wherry & Miller, 2016).
Identify the policy preferences of the political parties in the policy area.
It’s been eight years since the implementation of the affordable care act but it has received opposition from a small group of Congress and Republicans. The two have cooperated in opposing the implementation of the insurance policy. Much of the Republican resistance can be attributed to the intense policy demanders. They claim that the plan is not equitable and only specified to a particular group of people. Republican believe that the ideology behind the affordable care acts uneconomically since those who can pay for the healthcare service, unwilling pay for those who cannot. Therefore, the act is likely to destroy America’s economy. Although the common perception of Americans is that the republican will reject anything from Obama, they also provide evidence to oppose the act (Haeder & Weimer, 2015).
On the other hand, Democrats are the major supporters of the ACA. Due to the recent objection and regular court appeals, the Democrats have decided to advance the ACA to suit new preferences. Democrats believe that doing away with the act will disrupt medical coverage for many Americans hence they are concentrating on rebuilding the private insurance market. Democrats perceive expansion of current public programs could be the best way to make Americans struggling with the high cost of healthcare access the health insurance (Haeder & Weimer, 2015).
Identify a legislative activity that affects the policy and the key legislative actors. Is the legislature of your state actively involved in this issue? If so, explain how it is actively engaged in this issue. If not, explain how it can be actively involved in this issue.
The affordable care act policy has received support as well as criticism in America. The main source of criticism is the legislatures siding with the Republicans. Recently more than 20 states have challenged the constitutionality of Obamacare. The initial lawsuit against ACA made it clear that the act was going against the law by imposing tax penalty to adults without the policy (Huntington et al., 2011). Furthermore, mandating everyone to purchase the policy is unconstitutional and issues of federal power. Moreover, seven health states have threatened to come together and form their health policy that operates outside the ACA. Therefore, the legal language of implementing the policy varies from one state to another mostly according to their political affiliations. Major Rebulican legislator against ACA policy includes John Wyoming, Roy Blunt and Susan Collins Maine.
Ted Cruz, Senator of my state, Texas is among those actively engaged in the new ant-Obamacare lawsuit. The senator’s lawyers argue that ACA’s most popular provisions should be eliminated for good. Led by Texas, various senates have begun to repeal the ACA terming it unconstitutional. Ted claims that since the Congress has no right to order people to use ACA policy, therefore it should impose a tax penalty on those not having insurance (Huntington et al., 2011).
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