Identify a nursing theory that is applicable to designing care for the patient you describe (write this part in first person: I, not the student or author)

6604 Theory Paper Assignment and Grade Criteria

This is a formal APA paper, not an opinion paper. Include the APA title page and reference pages. The paper should be submitted using APA: 12 point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, in Word format. The content should be covered in 6 pages or less (there is no minimum, be sure to adequately develop each section), not counting the title page and reference page. Do not submit an abstract. Do not submit more than 6 pages of content (not counting the title page and reference pages). Be sure and include a good introduction and conclusion, without repeating content. Use topic headings to separate each section (page 62 of the APA manual). Do not overspace between headings and topics. Submit your paper in Canvas through Turnitin.

Do not quote unless it cannot be paraphrased without losing the meaning. Wikipedia/other online dictionaries are not scholarly and cannot be used. Points are deducted if you use an online dictionary and each quote that can be paraphrased. No date (n. d.), anonymous, or no author references are not acceptable. Do not use only web sites. Only .edu or .gov sites or a professional web site may be used. For all references, especially a weblink, the instructor must be able to access it without any special login information. PowerPoints/lectures/personal communications are not allowed.

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Potential Points

Actual Points

Within your area of nursing that you are currently working, select a recent patient. Do not identify the patient by name. A deduction of 5 points will be assessed if confidentiality is violated. Provide an overview of the patient in regards to health history, health issues, present problem, etc. See example provided below.


Identify a nursing theory that is applicable to designing care for the patient you describe (write this part in first person: I, not the student or author)


Discuss how this theory views this patient


With this theory, discuss the goal of nursing for this patient


Use the unique concepts of the theory to guide your plan. Describe how the care will be designed according to this theory.


Use of at least two peer reviewed journal articles for references. You may use your textbook but do not count it as one of the two required peer reviewed journal articles.


APA guidelines, grammar, syntax, spelling; Unnecessary quotes.




Case Study example:

Ms. P. is 18 years old and dying from bone cancer. She just graduated from high school and was planning to attend college. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her mother. Her mother is employed at Wal-Mart and has health insurance from Wal-Mart. Her father is living in another state and contacts her frequently. She has a 16 year old brother. She has many friends from school and church. She is at home with home health nurses visiting. She has severe pain that is not completely relieved with medications. She asks you if she can refuse her next dose of chemotherapy because it is “not working any way. I am only taking the chemotherapy because my mother wants me to.”

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