Identify a recent (within the last six (6) months) ethical dilemma or ethically questionable situation relating to ICT that you are familiar with

Ethical dilemma or ethically questionable situation relating to ICT

Find an ethical problem or circumstance using ICT that occurred recently (within the previous six months) and that you are familiar with. Either the media (for instance, one you found online through social media) or your workplace may be the root of this predicament. a. Avoid using real names when presenting a workplace example to preserve confidentiality. b. If you use a media article, you must include a link to it in the assignment’s references list. 2. Conduct more research on your selected example to help you analyze and discuss it in your essay. 3. You must use the Doing Ethics Technique (DET) to analyze the ethical quandary you mentioned above. The word count should fall between 900 and 1000. Note that only quotations count toward your word limit, not headings, citations, references, or any appendices. The word count of your work, excluding those items indicated above, should be stated in brackets at the beginning of the assignment. 4. Add a References section at the end of your paper that corresponds to the in-text citations and follows the proper APA referencing guidelines. At least TWO (2) high-caliber academic references from various sources are required. Please keep in mind that these references are additional to those that you will receive through this course (for instance, you must still cite DET, Tavani, the lecture notes from the Interact subject, etc., BUT these references CANNOT be utilized as one of your two high-caliber academic references from distinct sources). References should only back up the ideas you’ve offered in your assignment and those that have already been cited in the text of your assignment. NOTE: Make sure to use the template found in the resources part of this site. Rationale Using the Doing Ethics Technique (DET), analyze the situation and the arguments it presents to identify the ethical issues involved, assess the implications of those issues, and develop solutions to the issues. This assessment item is intended to assist you in developing skills toward achieving the learning objectives. It asks you to identify an ICT-related ethical issue in your workplace or in a recent media article.

it ought to be written in report format. A few major difficulties have been increasingly important to operations managers in recent years. There are six of these ideas: Changes in Technology and Ongoing globalization of markets, with participation from first- and second-world nations. Modifying client expectations Modifying job structures • Quality control Worldwide manufacturing Your mission is to 1. Choose a company that interests you, and then quickly explain how each of the aforementioned challenges might affect it in the future. (minimum suggested word count: 1200) 2. Pick no less than three of the following operational management sub-areas, and then explain why you believe they will have the most influence on the success of the firm you have chosen. (2000 words minimum suggested) o Process Selection, Design, and Analysis o Goods and Service Design o Supply Chain Design o Capacity Management o Managing Inventories o Facility and Work Design o Quality Management o Resource Management NOTE: The purpose of your work is to: 1. Aid the reader in understanding how each topic relates to the problems; and 2. How they can make any organization more Harvard style referencing friendly if correctly implemented. Please reference this book as well; it is the unit’s textbook, and I want some references to come from it. What’s Inside, OM4 Collier, D.A., and Evans, J.R., Fourth Edition, Cengage Learning, 2011, 1133372422.


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