Identify a research or evidence-based article that focuses comprehensively on a specific intervention or new diagnostic tool for the treatment of diabetes in adults or children.

treatment strategy or innovative diagnostic device for the management of diabetes in adults or children

Find a study or evidence-based article that focuses in-depth on a particular treatment strategy or innovative diagnostic device for the management of diabetes in adults or children. Write a 750–1,000-word paper outlining the key points of the research findings for a particular patient population. Clinical data that is thorough, up-to-date, and pertinent to diabetes and nursing practice must be included in research. Prepare this assignment in accordance with the APA standards outlined in the Student Success Center’s APA Style Guide. No abstract is necessary. A rubric is used to grade this task. Students should check the rubric before starting the assignment to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successfully completing the assignment, as instructors will be using it to score the work. This assignment must be turned in to Turnitin. Consult the instructions found in the Student Success Center.
Turnitin only accepts Word documents for submission. Rubrics A complete research article or research study on a certain diabetes intervention or diagnostic tool has been found, allowing all assignment requirements to be met. Comprehensive content. presents concepts and details outside of what is covered in the course and, where necessary, supports them with credible academic research. All of the assignment criteria are addressed in thorough, current, and pertinent research. The development of the proposal is demonstrated in the final publication. applies a framework based on knowledge, skill, and reliable research. demonstrates great preparation and consideration for how various components go together. The thesis and/or primary claim are thorough; the thesis contains the core of the paper. The thesis statement clarifies the paper’s goal. The paragraphs and transitions are constructed in a smart manner. Ideas develop and interact with one another. The reader is guided by the paragraph and transition structure. smooth construction of paragraphs The writer certainly has knowledge of academic English that is used in writing. The writer employs a range of sentence structures, rhetorical devices, and word choices in original and imaginative ways that are suitable for the purpose, field, and audience. There is a reference page and the necessary in-text citations. There are no mistakes in the mentioned sources’ documentation.

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