Identify a specific change that is being implemented now or one that is in the near future (within the year).

Part I: Organizational Leadership Development Report

In preparation for this Assessment, select a healthcare organization with which you are very familiar and where you have access to information necessary to complete the Assessment. Identify a specific change that is being implemented now or one that is in the near future (within the year).

Because effective leadership is critical to successfully planning and managing organizational change, you will conduct a confidential inventory and analysis of specific leadership traits and factors that leadership implementing the change possess and use. Effective leadership involves collaborating with individuals but also participating in and facilitating teams. Thus, assessment of team skills needs to be a part of your inventory and analysis.

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Create an Organizational Leadership Development Report (4–6 pages) as follows:

· Observe the leadership team implementing the change in your chosen organization, and analyze their actions and behaviors for leadership traits that promote success in effecting change in the organization. List these traits, and explain your analysis process.

· Evaluate leadership traits and factors that could contribute to leading high performing teams.

· Evaluate leadership traits that could promote a culture for creativity and innovation in the workplace. Discuss whether these traits are exhibited by any of the leaders implementing the change in your chosen organization. Explain how you assessed ability to be creative and innovative. Compare how these traits differ from and/or the same as those of classical leadership styles.

· Recommend specific strategies the leaders could apply for working successfully with teams and effecting change within the organization.

Part II: Change Management Proposal

The ability to manage and adapt to change is essential in healthcare organizations. Whether internally or externally prompted, the implementation of changes in the workplace environment has become commonplace. Because change, even changes that are perceived as positive, is almost always unsettling, it is crucial that administrators and managers understand the change process and plan carefully for its implementation. Innovative approaches to change management related to your chosen project might help you see possibilities that may not have been evident before. A Change Management Proposal will serve as the guide for effective execution of strategic change.

Create a Change Management Proposal (7–10 pages, including graphs or charts and a 1-page executive summary) as follows:

· Describe the specific organization including size, mission, and location. Describe the change that is taking place (or is scheduled to take place) in the organization.

· Analyze what is driving the change to take place.

· Given the parameters of the change, describe the resistance you might expect, and why.

· Evaluate change management theories and models, and select one to apply to the change occurring in the organization. Provide rationale for why you selected this theory or model.

· Apply systems thinking to address the impact of the change throughout the organization.

· Recommend strategies and innovations that could be implemented to effect the organizational change, and provide rationale for the recommendations.

· Explain the role that communication will play in your plan. Analyze how communication could be used to handle concerns and doubts of stakeholders.

· Recommend strategies you will use to motivate stakeholders and prepare them to accept, embrace, and sustain the change. Categorize key groups that you anticipate will require targeted motivation strategies.

· Recommend training and support required for the successful implementation of the organizational change.

· Recommend strategies for sustaining an organizational change.

· Explain how stakeholders are involved in and held accountable for the organizational change.

· Recommend ways to measure the success of the organizational change and when transformational change has occurred.

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