Identify a technology innovation consequence

Discission:300 words
Discussion 5 Gladwell and Rogers (20 points)
In your own words compare and contrast the adopters and diffusion of innovation model in Rogers’ DI with the ideas presented by Gladwell in the TP. Present your synthesis to the class in this discussion. Evaluate other class members and explain how your conclusions are different.  (Modified from Straquadine, 2004)
Respond with your first post by the second day the discussion is open to be eligible for full points. Make your first remark to another students comments by the third day to be eligible for full points.
Respond to at least two other students remarks. Read all posts.
Points will be deducted from all papers and discussions for poor grammar, improper capitalization, and misspelled words. Proofread your work.
To receive full points you must use critical thinking and address all items. To receive full credit you must provide references from the text to support your remarks on the initial post and response to other students. Use this simple method for references in our discussions. Examples: For the Diffusion of Innovations text (DI p. 45) for The Tipping Point (TP p. 73). For other references use APA format.
(20 points)
Text: Rogers, E. M. (2003). Diffusion of Innovation, New York, NY, Free Press (DI)

Gladwell, M. (2000). The Tipping Point – How little things can make a big difference. Boston, MA, Little, Brown and Company (TP)


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give response in 150 words for discussion next to this heading
In the Tipping Point, Gladwell presents an idea called the “broken windows theory” (TP p. 146). This is essentially an idea that with a little change, such as as fixing a broken window, it can change people’s attitudes.  That being said, what was done in New York in the 1990s was a brilliant implementation of the “broken windows theory.”  New York City decided to fix the subway system and clean the cars. This brought a new attitude towards the city and started to decrease the crime rate.  The forced adoption of a clean city improved the morale in the city.  The cleaning of the subway system also forced the city to look at the streets and implement a similar project.  In addition, the city decided to start arresting people for petty crimes, such as graffiti, that were previously glanced over by law enforcement.  As a result of addressing the petty crimes, a ripple effect ended up creating a reduction in more violent crimes.

An example of the diffusion of the “broken windows theory” took place in Missoula, Montana. The town of Missoula adopted the theory that was originally implemented in New York and integrated it into the town’s law enforcement strategy.  This strategy was meant to maintain the current high standard of living the city enjoyed (DI p. 304).  As these programs are implemented, an implication to consider is the possibility of overstepping law enforcement boundaries.   In essence, the public taking matters into their own hands could present a backlash and bite the city in the hand.  This could possibly send the city into a decline rather than when the program originally began.  To ensure proper effectiveness, the city must adopt the change as a whole to have the theory be implemented appropriately.  With the “broken windows theory,” Rogers and Gladwell both have ways of looking at what is going on in the theory and decide what and how it has been implemented for a more beneficial result.

Missoula, MT. (2017).  Broken Window Theory.

Gladwell, M. (2002).  The Tipping Point.

Rogers, E. (2003). Diffusion of Innovations.

give response in 150 words for discussion next to this heading

The main and important diffusion examines were directed nearly sixty years prior by country sociologists who explored the appropriation of cross breed seed corn among Iowa ranchers. In the following decades, dispersion contemplate has spread to general wellbeing, correspondence, advertising, political science, and most other behavioral and sociology disciplines. Till now, more than 5,200 diffusion studies have been distributed. Dispersion researchers have likewise examined why a few developments spread moderately quickly while different advancements do as such generally gradually.
The tipping point is the time when a pattern discovers fire spreading exponentially through the populace. The thought recommends that for good or terrible, change can be advanced rather effectively in a social framework through a domino impact. The tipping point thought discovers its birthplaces in dissemination hypothesis, which is an arrangement of speculations in regards to the run of the mill spread of advancements inside a social framework.
Rogers Diffusion of Innovations and Gladwell ‘s The Tipping Point , in light of their take of how changes happen in a general public . It investigates the procedures that these progressions experience and looks at the key individuals required in rolling out these improvements happen. It introduces the key purposes of the creators as they concur or differ on these thoughts. Complex versatile frameworks may comprise of human specialists or nonhuman elements and even inorganic hubs in a receptive system.

Discussion 6 Innovation Consequences (20 points)
Identify a technology innovation consequence NOT found in the text(s). Outline the expected impacted and unexpected consequences. Apply hindsight in review of the consequences and suggested alternatives in the design and initiation of the technology innovation. Summarize your efforts in an eight slide PowerPoint and share as an attachment to this discussion. Appraise the other student’s presentations.  Modified from Straquadine, 2004)
To be eligible for full credit you must post your PowerPoint by the second day the discussion opens and you need to appraise at least three other students PowerPoints.

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