Identify additional concerns related to cost in the mission presentation.


Nursing homework help

Part 1

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Identify additional concerns related to cost in the mission presentation. Think about how the leaders can better manage resources next time. What impact does good financial management have on an organization and all its stakeholders?
Suggest solutions to the cost concerns. Discuss how to sell stakeholders on your solutions. Justify these with what you learned from course readings and your own experience.
Summarize how to align individual and organizational priorities with the needs and values of the community relative to cost-effective actions and behaviors.
Recognize and discuss financial factors and cost-effective needs in the community-based scenario.
Part 2

From the perspective of a health care worker, what expectations might you have for the professionals involved in the debriefing session?
Identify what stuck out to you the most, particularly related to accountability, standards of performance, and ethics.
In your opinion, were the original requirements and expectations for these situations well-communicated and evaluated?
What concerns you most about the debriefing session?
What did you think went well with the debriefing session?
How might all of this affect the organizations involved?

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