Identify analytical writing forms

Research paper
Immersed in an academic writing situation, problem solvers begin from a point of view, rely on analytical thinking skills and communicate findings through descriptive writing skills to develop a viable and logical theory. Objectives This assignment assesses your mastery of Learning Unit Three’s objectives:

• Identify analytical writing forms • Ensure cohesive and smooth flowing sentences • Navigate the research writing process

Writing Process 1. Complete all lessons in the Learning Unit 2. Complete a draft for peer review before the deadline 3. Complete the Peer Review Assignment before the deadline 4. Revise and finalize 5. Submit your final composition to eCampus and before the

deadline Focus on the Following Skills Inductive analytical form, smooth flowing sentences and transitions, valid documentation, and accurate source citations. Research and Documentation Requirement You are required to use and cite at least FIVE sources in this composition:

One observation source: Observe the setting and people involved in your research topic, keep notes of your observations, and quote these notes. One interview source: Interview a person or expert involved in your research topic, record your questions and your interviewee’s answers into an interview transcript, and quote your interviewee.

Two peer-reviewed sources: Find and cite two peer-reviewed sources from the library. Peer-reviewed sources include scholarly journals and books. Newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and websites are not peer-reviewed. To find peer-reviewed sources, visit with a librarian.

One photo, artistic representation, graph, table, or similar visual source: This source shall be embedded in the text and cited as a source. DO NOT use images from the internet. Photograph or create images yourself.

Research Writing Assignment English 1301

Source Verification Requirement You are required to verify your sources by including a photograph or scan of your observation notes, interview transcript, and peer-reviewed sources. For the peer-reviewed sources, please capture the title page and all pages from which you are citing. Highlight text with your choice of software so I can easily compare your text with your citations. If I cannot locate or identify the source text as matching your cited text, then I will assume you are plagiarizing. Paste your verification images to the end of your composition, behind your Works Cited page. Format This manuscript shall be word processed in MS Word file format, incorporating a minimum of 1200 words and a maximum of 1500 words (4 to 5 double spaced pages), formatted according to MLA guidelines. Do not include a cover page. Submission Please submit an electronic copy in MS Word file format only with the following file name: last name-First name-Research (Smith-John-Research) to and eCampus by clicking the “Submit Compositions” button in the menu before the deadline published in our syllabus schedule. Penalties Compositions will be rejected without grading in the following cases:

• Plagiarized • Does not address the topic and/or objectives • Late or missing submission to eCampus and/or • Incorrectly formatted (incorrect file format and/or rhetorical form) • Missing or unverifiable documentation (missing sources, missing Works

Cited, etc) • Missing source verification

Topics See the next page

TRADITIONAL and SAGE Student Topics: Research a Career Research aspects of a career and observe and interview someone working within that career. You may ask the question, “how does a person experience this career, and what does this career mean for this person?” Include a photo of the interviewee in his or her natural setting, working at his or her job. SAGE students should choose a Green Career to research. To develop a theory of this career, use a metaphor; for example, A police officer is a civil soldier; or a pastor is a shepherd of people; or a beef farmer is a CEO of grass. Research an Animal at Home, the Zoo, or Natural Habitat Observe an animal by noting how it eats, moves, shifts positions, directs its attention, sleeps, and interacts with its environment, you, and other animals. You may ask the question, “What does my relationship with my cat mean?” Or, “How does a prey animal experience life when it’s being hunted?” Describe the animal, ensuring you are focusing on both inner and outer qualities. Interview someone who studies this animal, has a relationship with this animal, or simply knows something about this animal. Include a photo of the animal in his or her natural setting. SAGE students should choose an endangered animal to research. To develop a theory of this animal’s experience, use a metaphor; for example, My cat is a princess; or That gorilla is a prize-winning boxer; or This dog is the guardian of the house. Research a Deceased Family Member Research an aspect of a deceased family member. Do not tell the person’s life story; rather, focus on a life event that shaped or changed this person’s life. This can be a choice he or she made or an experience he or she had. Maybe your grandma ran the Boston marathon which inspired you to be a runner. Perhaps your grandfather experienced the attack on Pearl Harbor which began a legacy of military service in your family. You may ask, “How did Grandma experience training for the Boston marathon?” or “How did Pearl Harbor shape Grandpa’s life?” Your observation source may include old photographs. To develop a theory of this person’s experience, use a metaphor; for example, Grandpa was the gatekeeper to the city; or Aunt Sally was a walking brain; or Grandma Betty was the guardian of the school. SERVICE LEARNING Topics: Talk with me about developing a research topic

Official NLC English Department Research Rubric

Criteria Unacceptable (0- 7)

Developing (8-13) Average (14-15) Good (16-17) Exemplary (18-20)

Topic/ Thesis/ Content

Lacks a debatable thesis. Topic is inappropriate for the assignment Represents a seemingly random collection of information.

A debatable claim is not evident. Analysis is vague or not evident and/or the paragraphs are not well developed. Reader is confused or may be misinformed. Topic may be inappropriate for the assignment

Thesis is focused on an appropriate topic and is adequately stated. Essay’s purpose is evident and paragraphs are well developed. Information supports an argument but sometimes may drift off point. Analysis is basic or general. Reader gains a few insights.

Thesis is clearly, logically, and effectively stated and developed. Essay achieves its purpose. Information provides reasonable support for an argument and displays evidence of a basic analysis of a significant topic. Reader gains some meaningful insights. Shows imagination in its approach to its topic.

Creatively, clearly, and logically states and develops its thesis and achieves its purpose. Presents clear, logical, and thought-provoking ideas. Balanced presentation of relevant and legitimate information that clearly the argument and shows a reasoned in-depth analysis of a significant topic. Reader gains important insights.

Organization Illogically organized. The reader cannot identify a line of reasoning and loses interest.

The writing is not logically organized. Frequently, ideas fail to make sense together. Lacks transitions.

The writing is arranged logically and uses adequate transitions, although occasionally ideas may fail to make sense together. The reader is clear about what the writer intends.

Ideas are arranged logically and clearly linked to each other to support the argument so the reader can follow the line of reasoning. Consistently employs appropriate transitions.

The ideas are arranged logically to support the argument. They flow smoothly from one to another and are clearly linked to each other. The reader can follow the line of reasoning. Uses surprising but appropriate transitions.

Quality of References

There are virtually no sources that are professionally reliable. The reader seriously doubts the value of the material and stops reading.

Many of the sources are questionable or are incorrectly used. The reader questions the value of the material.

Some of the references are from sources that are not peer-reviewed and have uncertain reliability. The reader doubts the accuracy of some of the material presented.

Although most of the references are professionally legitimate, a few are questionable (e.g., trade books, popular magazines, etc.). The reader is uncertain of the reliability of some of the sources.

References are primarily peer- reviewed professional journals or other approved. The reader is confident that the information and ideas can be trusted.

Use of Sources/ MLA Documentation

References are missing or incorrectly used. Information is cited to the wrong source or is plagiarized. No adherence to MLA guidelines. No Work Cited page.

References are seldom cited to support statements. Attribution and quotation marks are missing where required. Inaccurate Work Cited page. Lack of adherence to MLA guidelines undermines integrity of essay.

Attribution usually given, but some statements may be undocumented causing confusion about the source of some information and ideas. Work/s Cited may contain inaccuracies which do not compromise the integrity of essay.

Professionally legitimate sources that support claims are generally present and attribution is, for the most part, clear and fairly represented. Consistent adherence to MLA guidelines; accurate Works Cited page.

Compelling evidence from professionally legitimate sources supports claims. Attribution is clear. Consistent adherence to MLA guidelines; accurate Work Cited page.

Grammar/ Mechanics

Contains errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar that interfere with understanding.

Contains distracting errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar that reduce understanding.

Contains few errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Contains infrequent errors in spelling, punctuation, and/or grammar.

Writing is free from distracting errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

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