Identify and analyze the major issues that divide those in favour of the Britains leaving the European Union and those who oppose it

. Who do you expect to be the major gainers and losers?

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Identify and examine the key differences between individuals who support and oppose Britain’s exit from the European Union. Who do you anticipate will benefit and who will lose the most? Make sure to provide economic justification for why you believe they are gaining or losing. Which of these gains and losses do you believe are likely to be the most significant? Please explain.

The essay’s main body may contain up to 2,000 words (including in-text citations), excluding the contents page, footnotes, executive summary, bibliography, and appendices. It must be submitted by Saturday, November 21, 2015, at 2 p.m. At the latest, on December 18, 2015, you will be able to pick up your coursework grade at the conclusion of the final week of sessions before the holiday break.

Essays that exceed the required word count will be docked 3 marks for every 100 words (i.e., an essay that exceeds the word count by 101 words will be docked 4 marks). 2000 is the maximum; there is no “margin of error”. Additionally, insufficient bibliography and citing, poor presentation, and late submissions without justification will also result in regular penalties as outlined in the Undergraduate Handbook. If you need an extension, you must get the necessary paperwork from the Student Support Office and submit it no later than 48 hours before the due date. The Undergraduate Handbook lists the acceptable justifications for extensions. If you feel that your performance has been impacted by extenuating circumstances and are unable to finish coursework or a test, you must obtain a claim form from the Student Support Office and submit it together with the necessary supporting documentation. The Undergraduate Handbook contains comprehensive information on the mitigating circumstances process.

Wikipedia is not a recognized source of reference, and citing it will result in a 5-mark deduction.

These standards will be used to evaluate your essay:

1. Knowledge of the subject
the proper application of theoretical concepts to direct the analysis. using the right wording. being able to explain concepts and occurrences. the capacity to evaluate and contrast various viewpoints. Evidence of having made a well-informed choice on the essay’s focus points and main arguments

2. In-depth research and supporting data
ability to develop a case through logic rather than just description. the amount and caliber of the evidence supporting the main arguments and conclusions. being able to recognize and evaluate how effects may affect several British-important areas, such as commerce, financial flows, migration, education, productivity, etc.
3. Communication and writing abilities
The essay’s organization makes sense. an appropriate start and end. transparent diagrams, tables, and referencing. excellent English usage and fluid writing. the capacity to reason through arguments.

You should become familiar with the Undergraduate Student Handbook’s generic grading descriptions for coursework and exams from the management schools. If you want to receive a 2:1 or higher, we would strongly recommend the following three things:

• Respond to the inquiry. It’s crucial to have a clear focus in your response.
• Provide proof of extensive reading. Since the exam is not a memory test, you will still receive credit if you are unable to recall exact names or dates for articles.
• Don’t just describe; analyze. You will receive credit for employing pertinent economic theory in both the coursework and the exam, especially if there is a key picture or key finding (which could be a formula or algebraic expression). You will also be rewarded for highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of other approaches or schools of thought. Finally, assess. You must reach a thoughtful decision that is supported by reasoning and proof.

This guidance for your third-year work is rather general. You will be given credit for having a critical but constructive perspective on your subject and for realizing that there is a lot we don’t know and/or can’t be sure of. An important quality of a successful graduate is the ability to evaluate arguments in areas of uncertainty with sound reasoning.

*Use the PowerPoint presentations and lecture notes from weeks 1-6, as well as reading materials and journals, as academic references and the basis for your research for this essay.

*Primary reading

International Economics, 6th Edition, by Gerber, J. (2013), is the main text for the course. Pearson. This textbook is very well written and provides excellent treatment of current issues.

Further Reading

You can find reading recommendations for important journal articles under each course topic. These articles contain some extremely technical content. Do not give up. By concentrating on the information in the introduction and discussion/conclusions of these articles, you can learn a lot. As a guide, go to your lecture notes. You won’t be required to present anything more technical than what we did in the lecture or tutorial for your essay or exam. The course is about problems, theories, and supporting data. To comprehend the essential concepts in international economic relations, it is necessary to understand a select few important diagrams that each include a core of pertinent theory. The most significant articles are in bold type, and some of these will be covered throughout the tutorial.

There are two extra textbooks that you can consider reading in addition to the primary text. They are slightly more challenging than Gerber, but they are still extremely simply written and go a little deeper. Both provide a wealth of contemporary examples to highlight how applicable the theory and core themes are in the actual world.

International Economics, 15th Edition, Pugel, T.A. McGraw-Hill Very well written, with excellent, intuitive justifications for the main notion.

3rd Edition of Salvatore, D. (2012) Introduction to International Economics Wiley. Yet another excellent book.


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