Identify and critically evaluate two current topics or issues in management. Do the following in your analysis

Critical Analysis of Current Management Topics and Issues

In this week’s Discussion, you and your colleagues shared a number of topics and issues in management. For this Assignment, you select any two of them and examine them in greater depth. (You may use the same topics and issues you identified in the Week 3 Discussion or select different ones for this Assignment.) You also support your analysis with evidence from peer-reviewed articles you find in the Walden Library online databases. If peer-reviewed journals have not yet discussed these topics, use professional journals and the business press.

Note: This Assignment is Due Day 7 of Week 4. The Week 4 Discussion is based on this Assignment. Look ahead to the Week 4 Discussion for more details.

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Assignment Expectations

The Day 7 Readings includes access to the Walden APA course paper template. You are required to use this same template throughout the course for other Assignments, so save a copy or bookmark it for future access. The link to the course paper template will not be provided for each Assignment.
The remaining Day 7 Readings and Media provides information on scholarly writing expectations and tips for synthesis and using evidence. You apply those skills in this Assignment and in each future Assignment in the program. You will not be reminded of this expectation in future Assignments.
You are expected to search the Walden Library for two or three articles related to your selected topics. Links to the library and search help will not be provided again, so be sure to bookmark or note them for future access.
The articles you select must be from peer-reviewed resources and have been published within the past 5 years. If your topic is so recent there is no peer-reviewed literature about it, use the business or learned press and professional literature.
You are expected to substantiate your critical analysis with citations from the articles you selected. At the doctoral level, are expected to reflect research rather than just a personal opinion.
The Assignment (5 -6pages):

Identify and critically evaluate two current topics or issues in management. Do the following in your analysis:
Briefly identify and summarize each topic or issue.
Why each is worthy of critical analysis
Their importance to organizations in general
The implications for management
Their relationship to positive social change
After you have finished writing your analysis, skip down a few lines and write a few comments related to your experience using the Walden Library and searching for articles. Address the following points:
Briefly describe your article search process.
Identify the Walden Library databases you searched.
Identify the journals you chose.
Explain why you selected those journals.
Explain how you assessed whether or not the journals were peer reviewed.
Explain how this experience affects your approach to searching for articles in the Walden Library database the next time you are required to do so for an Assignment.
Include a Reference List. (This should already be part of the course paper template.)

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