Identify and describe the pair of ecosystems. Describe three species in each of your ecosystems, including at least one plant and one animal from each. Evaluate each of these species based on its intrinsic value, its instrumental value, and its uniqueness value



Resources include the Internet, the University Library, and Chapters 3 and 4 of Fundamentals of Conservation Biology. Select two similar terrestrial and marine habitats to study. Your selections must adhere to the following standards: An example of a closely related aquatic and terrestrial environment might be a fen (aquatic) in an alpine meadow or forest (terrestrial), an islet (terrestrial) in a coastal bay (aquatic), or a river system (aquatic) in a desert (terrestrial). In one or both of the ecosystems, there must be at least one endangered species, as listed on the IUCN Red List or by a government wildlife or natural resource organization. The two ecosystems must be found close to you or at a place that holds special meaning for you. Describe the ecosystems you have chosen and the species that make up these ecosystems in a paper of 700 to 1,050 words. Add the following things: Specify and explain the two ecosystems. Include at least one plant and one animal species from each of your ecosystems when describing three species in each. Use the intrinsic, instrumental, and novelty values of each of these species to judge it. In this description and analysis, at least one endangered species should be mentioned. Explain the worth of each ecosystem in terms of its constituent parts and provide an overview of how the elements of your ecosystems interact. Describe the connections between species diversity and ecosystem diversity and the relationships between each ecosystem and the landscape. Mention at least three sources. According to APA formatting standards, format your paper. To submit your homework, select the Files tab.


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