Identify and describe three kinds of discrimination claims that can be brought under Title VII

Start by reading and following these instructions:

  1. Quickly skim the questions or assignment below and the assignment rubric to help you focus.

  2. Read the required chapter(s) of the textbook and any additional recommended resources.  Some answers may require you to do additional research on the Internet or in other reference sources.  Choose your sources carefully.

  3. Consider the discussion and the any insights you gained from it.

  4. Create your Assignment submission using at least three scholarly references .  Cite your sources using APA style as required. Check your spelling, 500-600 words minimum, all work will be ran through Turn It In.



  1. If you are a government employee, can your boss instruct you to post election signs in your yard to support the mayoral candidate of his choosing or risk losing your job if you don’t? Explain your answer in detail.


  1. What must a police officer establish in order to successfully challenge a police department regulation as a violation of substantive due process? Do you agree with this process? Why or why not?


3.Identify and describe three kinds of discrimination claims that can be brought under Title VII. Use an example to explain each.


4. Do you think police departments should be able to set a maximum weight for officers in order for them to be physically capable of performing their job? Why or why not? If so, what should the maximum weight be for men and women? Should muscle vs. fat be a factor? What about height? Why did you pick the numbers you did? If you think police departments shouldn’t be able to, why do you think this?

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