Identify at least four issues relating the Miranda law to this specific situation.

Write a 3–4-page paper (excluding cover page and reference page) responding to the following:

Miranda warnings are a high point of contention in the law enforcement scene. There are many misunderstandings as to when “Miranda” applies. Watch the following video and discuss what you would do in this scenario.

You are a mentor/FTL to a new police officer on duty and it was his first arrest. He was called to a house break in, and saw a young boy outside of the house. He arrested him. He had no evidence but took him to the police station for questioning.

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Once he arrived at the police station, he realized that the suspect does not speak English. He tried to question him and the boy replied in Mandarin. The new police officer knows that the law requires him to administer a warning and ask the suspect if they understand. It is clear that boy does not understand what is being said.

The new police officer is not absolutely sure that the boy was involved in the break in, but he was on the scene when the officer arrived. A family member arrived to see the boy and speaks English and asks the new officer what is happening. Both the boy and the family member do not know their rights. The case has been handed over to a follow-up investigator; you have been briefed on the facts, and are asked to sit down with the officer and discuss the issues at hand and how they relate to his performance.

In your paper, describe what you would say to the new officer. Identify at least four issues relating the Miranda law to this specific situation. Relate these issues to specific historical events from your Reading, Discussions, and research. Determine how you would resolve each of these issues, if they can be resolved through careful analysis of the situation. Explain what could have been done to prevent these issues from occurring.

Video link here:

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