identify intelligence as a covariate in a quantitative study,

The Prospectus The Dissertation Prospectus is a brief document that provides preliminary information about your dissertation research and is used in two ways: • It serves as an agreed-upon plan for developing the proposal that is evaluated to ensure a doctoral-level project. • It serves as a step to finalize the structure of your dissertation supervisory committee, who will work with you on completing the dissertation. Completing the Prospectus The Dissertation Prospectus consists of several small sections, which are detailed in the annotated outline. Your goal for the prospectus is to create a plan for developing your dissertation proposal. Therefore, you need to have more information for the prospectus than for your earlier documents, such as the Dissertation Premise, but you do not need to know all the specific details of the study that you will ultimately conduct. For example, you may identify intelligence as a covariate in a quantitative study, but at this point you do not yet need to identify the instrument that you plan to use to measure the covariate.

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