Identify one or two management topics from the lecture program (and one in which you are interested) relevant to the issue. Identify the company, its context, industry sector etc.

Students will explore a contemporary management issue that has attracted national and/or international media attention at some time during the past two years.

1. Select a single newspaper article from a list of four (reverse innovation)

2. Choose one or two management subjects from the lecture schedule that are related to the problem and that you are interested in. Describe the business, its setting, its industry area, etc.

3. Give a succinct overview of the problem the case’s managers are trying to solve.

4. As the “lens” through which you critically assess management’s performance in addressing the issue, use pertinent management concepts and theories.

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5. Based on the critical analysis you conducted in steps 1-4 above, make a determination about the management actions and tactics that were or may be tried to address the problem, and determine what worked and why.

6. Offer any alternative course of action you think could be used to fix the problem and explain why. Your capacity to relate ideas and theories to concrete issues and support your arguments with facts is crucial in this situation.

7. List the references for the data sources utilized in accordance with the Communication Handbook by Summers and Smith (2010).

Any of the topics discussed in the weekly lectures, for instance, change that has occurred in organizations as a result of globalization, alternative management theories, change and innovation management, organizational culture, etc., are examples of subjects that you might investigate.

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