Identify the clients complex broking needs Prepare a list of questions that you would need to ask Tom and Steve about their history and experience, and the unit purchase.

Identify the clients complex broking needs Prepare a list of questions that you would need to ask

Assignment duties that students must perform
Determine the clients’ sophisticated broking needs in Task 1a.
Prepare a list of inquiries you’ll need to make of Tom and Steve regarding their background, their expertise, and the unit purchase.
Make sure to include the following topics in your list of questions:
• The intricate details of Tom and Steve’s situation and goals
• Potential dangers as well as Tom’s and Steve’s risk appetite When thinking about risk, you should think about the following: – how you would identify the risks and the standards you used to assess these risks; – how you would evaluate their present exposure; – the tools you would use in terms of probability, impact, and outcomes.
(800 words)
Task 5: Expanding the company
George and Mildred want you to focus on marketing and promoting CCF & MB’s business now that you’ve thought about how you would go about establishing and maintaining relationships. You must create a marketing strategy for the company to do this.
You should take into account the following as you build your marketing strategy:
1. Your strategy ought to be created in accordance with CCF and MB’s mission statement.
2. The determination of target markets through the use of both study and firsthand knowledge
3. Determining your top competitors (at least two), with each competitor’s competition analysis developed
4. Determining CCF and MB’s market position in light of your analysis and research findings
5. The methods and instruments you would use to market CCF and MB’s brand 6. The offer of options for boosting yield per existing client
How would you put your strategy into action and monitor it to see if your goals, objectives, and performance indicators were being accomplished? 7.
(1,000 words)
Your strategy can be in any structure, but it must cover each of the aforementioned areas. If you’re unsure of how to construct a plan, consult the Business Growth and Marketing topic and follow the advice given in Part 5, Section 12 of the SMEAC format.
Assumptions may be made while performing this assignment, but they must not clash with the details in the background information.

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