Identify the company name product or service description and explain the information obtained regarding the legal

Signature Assignment: Final Global Business Plan
Purpose of Assignment
This course has provided the in-depth information necessary to create an all-encompassing global business plan. The final goal is the assimilation of all previous assignments pertaining to the business plan into a comprehensive and cohesive presentation by the student.
Assignment Steps
Prepare a minimum 2100-word Final Global Business Plan. INTRO & CONCLUSION REQUIRED! NO PLAGIARISM!!! STICK TO THE BULLETS ASSIGNMENT MUST BE ANSWERED THOROUGHLY! Must have at least 2-3 references. Not too much! The country is Venezula
Include the following information:
Develop an Executive Summary including a short overview of the entire Final Global Business Plan. It should follow the structure and order of the plan and not exceed two pages.
Design a Mission Statement and articulate the purpose of the company’s existence in as few words as possible.
Identify the company name product or service description and explain the information obtained regarding the legal cultural and ethical challenges that formulated your rationale for selecting your target country. Describe the mode of country entry selected. Refer to your country risk analysis.
Develop a chain of command and describe the legal company structure selected. Refer to your organization and product analysis.
Define the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and how it’s applied in international business.
Formulate an industry analysis to include: industry size growth rate industry trends and long-term prospects. Refer to your industry analysis.
Develop a market analysis to include: a market segmentation and target market selection SWOTT and PEST analysis estimate of annual sales market share and distribution channels. Refer to your organization and product analysis.
Describe the following as part of your marketing plan: product modification-if any influences of social culture on product pricing use of current global information technologies to promote product introductions and distribution channels.
Describe in detail the functions of the foreign exchange market as it pertains to: currency conversion to implement payment of trade and supplies the potential risks in exchange rates and cyber and technology risks. Refer to your Week 3 Individual Assignment.
Identify two potential international sources of financing. Refer to your Week 4 Individual Assignment.
Compose an income statement extending three months to include: cash from units sold less variable and fixed cost less taxes to equal monthly net profit. Use estimated unit value. Refer to class discussion.

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