Identify the company’s main drivers of accessing foreign markets and their buyers

You are required to write a management report of 2,500 words to demonstrate your understanding and knowledge gained in this module by using the case study from the seminar activities. Your report will be the final piece of work based on your 12 weeks of seminar activities. You will have needed to have actively engaged in each week’s seminar activity, with the comments and feedback given to you being integrated into your assessment. In your report, use appropriate theories, analytical tools and frameworks as well as secondary data to address the following tasks. You need to complete all ten tasks.
1) Briefly introduce the company
2) Evaluate the firm’s specific advantages for its internal environmental assessment
3) Identify the company’s main drivers of accessing foreign markets and their buyers
4) Assess the key global environmental issues impacting on the company when accessing foreign markets
5) Evaluate potential host countries’ political, economic, social and technological environments with consideration of country-specific advantages
6) Identify the key challenges and opportunities facing the company when carrying out business in the chosen country, and company specific rationale for entering the country
7) Assess various international market entry modes for the company, and explain the rationale behind the decision for entry
8) Discuss suitable structure and control mechanisms for the company’s international business operations
9) Examine how one of the following activities has facilitated or hindered the company’s international business operations
• Marketing
• Logistics
10) Suggest one aspect that the company needs to be aware of in the future (you may refer to the sections ‘Debates and controversies in international business and business ethics’ and ‘Future challenges for companies and managers in international business’).

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