Identify the findings of analysis and recommend based on the findings.

Hi, need to submit a 9500 words essay on the topic The Level of Customer Satisfaction of Grameen Phone Limited. 1.0Introduction1.1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION The academic program is the building up of the theoretical knowledge about business administration, which is the base of practical knowledge. The program is an attempt to provide the business students an orientation to a real life business situation in which we can observe and evaluate the use and applicability of the theoretical concepts, which were taught in the classrooms. As per norm this report is the requirement of the fulfillment of the internship program. This report titled “Assessing the Level of Customer Satisfaction of Grameenphone.” 1.2 OBJECTIVES:1.2.1 Primary ObjectivesTo discuss about telecommunication business in Bangladesh.To present a background and introduction of Grameenphone Ltd.To focus on the business and operations of the company.To discuss about the activity of the Customer Service Division of Grameenphone Ltd. Compare other operators with Grameenphone Ltd.To focus on the most resent after sales service improvement and market position of Grameenphone Ltd.To find out the satisfaction level of Grameenphone subscribers.To specify the areas of dissatisfaction of the Grameenphone users.Identify the findings of analysis and recommend based on the findings.1.2.2 Secondary Objectives:To have knowledge on Grameenphone Ltd. and mobile industry.To improve corresponding and report writing ability.1.3 SCOPEThe scope of the study is limited within the telecommunication industry of Bangladesh. It is also limited within the organization of Grameenphone, especially in the Customer Service Division of the company. Here I discussed with the topics related to the after sales customer satisfaction of Grameenphone Ltd.1.4 Significance of the studyGP knows that in near future, the sell will sluggish down and all the activities will occur through targeting the after sell services. And for that GP always wants to give their priority to this sector. All the activities GrameenPhone Ltd. based on their service. Mobile operators are mainly selling their service to their customers. And in that competition Grameen Phone provides best quality service to their customers. So being an employee of GrameenPhone Ltd. it’s an honor to find out the customer satisfaction level. However today the competition is raising and it’s create an opportunity to the customers for choose better one. As a result the telecom organizations are now not only looking for capture new customer but also retain the present and past customers too. For that they are now completely focus on their service level. So it’s very important for GrameenPhone Ltd. to keep their service level up always as they did previous.

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