Identify the main argument and points and accurately represent the gist of the author’s ideas.

The Summary: In order to write your summary use the attached text book in 2 pages and you will need to include the features numbered below:

1. Identify the title, author, and article’s thesis in the first 1-3 sentences.

· The thesis should be in your own words.

· Even if you cannot find a “thesis statement,” you can still summarize the author’s main argument – this is the thesis.

2. Identify the main argument and points; and accurately represent the gist of the author’s ideas.

3. Focus on the relevant aspects of the reading; this includes the main ideas or main argument.

4. Give fair coverage of the text’s main sections that develop and support the author’s main argument or thesis; do not use too many minor details.

5. You may include reference to the author’s purpose or audience, but you are not required to do so.

The Writing & Formatting: Once you have a sense of the writer’s main argument, you can start writing your summary. When writing a summary, you need to remember and include these guidelines:

1. The summary should be written in your own words. However, do not paraphrase specialized language or terminology – put these words or phrases in quotations and cite!

2. Represent the author’s ideas accurately.

3. Remain neutral in your representation of the author’s ideas; this means you do not include any opinion or judgment of the text.

4. Condense the text – a summary is shorter than the original text.

5. Use effective supporting detail

6. Use attributive tags (signal phrases) to remind readers that ideas being presented belong to writer not you.

· Use phrases such as “The author writes” or “The text says” sparingly.

· Instead, use the author’s LAST NAME.

7. Use appropriate reporting verbs. Common reporting verbs are listed on page 163 in the Swales & Feak reading.

8. Remind the reader who you are summarizing by using the “reminder phrases”

Make sure all the above points are meet the summary you are writing it by your own words.

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