Identify the mental health condition that John appears to be suffering with outlining the following

Nursing: John’s Case

Identify the mental health condition that John appears to be suffering with, outlining the following: aetiology, signs and symptoms. Your answer should also demonstrate an understanding of health promotion and recovery concepts and refer to the case scenario and utilize appropriate supporting references.

John aged 21, was assessed by the Crisis Resolution Team because his family had become concerned about his behaviour. Over the last 6 months he had terminated his part time work. He had also become increasingly reclusive by spending more time alone in his flat, refusing to answer the door to see his friends.

After some inappropriate suspiciousness, he allowed the team into his flat and then disclosed that government scientists had started to perform experiments on his over the last year. These involved the insertion of an electrode into his brain that detected gamma rays transmitted from government headquarters, which issued his with commands and ‘planted’ strange ideas in his head. When they asked how he knew this, he replied that he heard the ‘men’s voices’ as ‘clear as day’ and that they continually commented on what he was thinking. He explained that his suspicion that ‘all was not right’ was confirmed when he heard the neighbour’s dog barking in the middle of the night – at that point he knew ‘for certain’ that he was being interfered with…..

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