Identify the nursing intervention that relates to your chosen risk factor


 Identify the nursing intervention that relates to your chosen risk factor


Aim of Assessment:
The purpose of this health assessment task is to help you increase your knowledge and skill in performing a holistic assessment on an adult person. Satisfactory completion of this assessment item will assist in enabling you to demonstrate that you have met the learning outcomes 1-9.

The assessment is divided into 2 sections.

Section 1: Holistic Health Assessment
Perform a holistic health assessment on an adult personover the age of 18 years (family member/friend) of your choice by completing the Patient Assessment Form that has been provided as a template on the unit vUWS site under the assessment icon.
Section 2: Discussion paper

From your understanding of the Domains of Health, review the Patient Assessment Form you have completed and identify ONE (1) risk factor that impacts on an activity of daily living (ADL) for that person.  Write a 500 word discussion identifying ONE (1) nursing intervention you as the nurse would implement to support the person™s wellbeing.

The structure of your discussion should be as follows:

1.    Introduction (50 words)
¢Â Â   State the risk factor to be discussed
¢Â Â   Outline the main points of your discussion
2.     Body of the discussion (400 words)
¢Â Â   Identify the nursing intervention that relates to your chosen risk factor
¢Â Â   Discuss the rationale for its implementation and how this aligns with the identified risk factor to support the person™s wellbeing.
3.    Conclusion  ( 50 words)
¢Â Â   Summarise the main points of your discussion

i.    There are a number of textbooks and resources available through the vUWS library that may assist you. Please refer to the unit™s vUWS site for specific unit resources.
ii.    The Patient Assessment Form template will be available on the unit vUWS site.

To achieve a satisfactory grade
Please see the assessment item rubric and criteria sheet on page 12 of the learning guide.
In addition, please note

Section 1:
The Patient Assessment Form provided on vUWS under the assessment icon is fully completed (i.e. all sections) scanned and uploaded into the assignment drop box. The Patient Assessment is not required to be submitted through Turnitin.

Section 2:
The discussion paper should be constructed in a scholarly manner (i.e. set out using paragraphs with full sentences and appropriate punctuation) and submitted through Turnitin.

Sections 1 and 2:
All criteria must be attempted. From criteria 2 to 10 (section 2) 6 out 9 criteria listed on page 12 must attract a satisfactory grade.

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