Identify the policy issue that meets the above criteria and is important to your elected official. Why is this issue of interest to the elected official?

Nursing Public Policy
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Here are the requirements for the paper:
The Legislative Practicum Paper and the Legislative Initiative Plan culminate in one written assignment submitted to faculty at the end of the semester. This paper reflects not only your 9-hour practicum experience and the public/health policy initiative identified by the elected official (Section One) but also the legislative initiative plan developed to help advance the elected officials policy initiative (Section Two) and nursings role/implications in this process (Section Three).
Each student will select an elected official and will volunteer for no less than 9 hours for that individual. (An Internet search of the Supervisor of Elections for your county will give you the names and offices held of elected officials in your voting district. Remember that school board members judges police officials and city officials also serve in an elected capacity.) You may or may not actually meet your elected official (especially if you select the President Vice President U.S. Congressman or Senator) but volunteering in their local or district office will acquaint you with their key people and issues. You may be asked to show your Barry ID or for a letter confirming your student status. I will be glad to provide any documentation or verbal confirmation necessary to facilitate securing your practicum placement.
SECTION ONE: Practicum and Policy Background
During your volunteer time you will identify a public policy initiative important to the elected official that addresses one of the social determinants of health a vulnerable/marginalized population or health policy. This narrative- not to exceed 3 pages- will comprise the first section (Practicum and Policy Background) of the final written assignment and is worth 35% of your final grade in this course. Please write the Practicum and Policy Background in paragraph form not in a question: answer format and address the following:
1. How and why did you choose the elected official?
2. What were your volunteer duties? What did you encounter/experience as a result?
3. Identify the policy issue that meets the above criteria and is important to your elected official. Why is this issue of interest to the elected official?
4. What values held by your official are related to this issue?
5. Briefly describe the history/background of the problem related to this issue.
6. What population or group is most affected by this problem? How are they impacted?
What type of power do they have if any?
7. Address the ethical social economic cultural and health implications of this problem.
8. What other things have been tried to resolve the problem?
9. How would the proposed policy improve or resolve the problem?
10. Describe any opposition to the proposed policy. What are the perceived/actual barriers to the proposed policy?
11. Where is the proposal currently in the legislative or process? What are the elected officials goals for the proposal in this legislative session?

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