Identify the research problem and explain which design would be most appropriate for that problem. This goes back to Week 2 assignment that differentiated between the designs and when they are appropriate

Research problem and explain which design would be most appropriate for that problem

Write a 1,400–1,750-word essay outlining a qualitative research subject. This assignment gives you the chance to put your knowledge of qualitative research into practice by using the principles of a real-world research problem.

Describe why a qualitative approach is the most appropriate one for this subject. This relates to the Week 1 assignment’s discussion of the benefits of qualitative research.

The research challenge should be identified, and the best design should be discussed. This relates to the homework from Week 2 that distinguished between the designs and explained when each was appropriate.

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Describe why using alternative qualitative methods would not be appropriate and explain your reasoning. Clearly state why the qualitative approach and the design you picked are appropriate in light of the problem and topic. How do they match up?

Cite at least three articles from peer-reviewed journals.

Format your paper in accordance with APA standards.



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