After reading the “Improving privacy choice through design” by Terpstra, Schouten and Leenes (WHICH IS ATTACHED), please do the following:


  1. Summarize why the authors think reflective thinking is an important aspect of making decisions related to digital technology and privacy.
  2. Describe what the authors mean when they propose that friction be introduced into technology interfaces.
  3. Choose an app or program you have recently installed on your phone or computer and explain how the programmers could tweak the installation process or the way the app or program works to encourage more reflective thinking about personal privacy by the user.
  4. Finally, do you think that the solution proposed in this article would help personal data be used in more ethical ways by big corporations? Why or why not?
  5. Usetwo quotes from any of your resources to support or explain your points. Make sure to provide in-text citations for both quotes in MLA format.
  6. Provide references for all sources in MLA format.

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