identity, meritocracy, education, gender, technology, privacy

For this assignment, you will identify one American myth prevalent throughout The Circle (identity, meritocracy, education, gender, technology, privacy) and analyze the novel and its depiction of this myth through the lens of the texts we have read this unit.  In other words, you will identify one of the myths present in the novel and use the novel and the supplemental readings in this unit to explain how the myth is represented in the story, as well as whether or not you believe this myth is accurately portrayed.  In order to do this, you will need to look at the novels major plot points, actions of characters, relationship between characters, significance of setting (time and place), use of symbolism, and major themes.

Some items your essay should include:

1.  A brief summary of the novel
2.  An explanation/definition of the American myth represented in the novel, its history, and its pervasiveness/effect in American culture
3.  Specific passages from the novel that demonstrate this myth, and an explanation as to how these passages demonstrate this myth and why they are important
4.  Specific ideas/quotations/paraphrases from a minimum of 3 texts we have read this semester that will help you explain the myth and/or how it is represented in the novel
5.  A discussion of whether or not you believe the myth is accurately portrayed throughout the novel
6.  Discuss the complexity of issues brought up through the portrayal of this myth

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Please keep in mind, for this assignment, your reader is someone who is not in this class, and has never read the texts.  This means that you may need to spend some time summarizing and explaining key concepts and ideas, and explaining to readers where those ideas come from.  In addition, keep in mind that you are expected to use the voice, tone, and diction appropriate for your intended audience.  This essay must be written in the third person, and should include in-text citations, author tags, and a Works Cited page.  Failure to include in-text citations, author tags, and a Works Cited page may be considered plagiarism.
You will be graded on the following criteria:

All items are turned in on time
Unity/Coherence/Organization of your essay
Development/Support of your essay
Proper use of MLA Style and Works Citation
Proper Use of Spelling and grammar

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