If not, a reason for it…. you know?

Need an argumentative essay on Criminalisation of homosexuality. Needs to be 14 pages. Please no plagiarism. If not, a reason for it…. you know? I gave you a complete outline of what was required and that it was criminalisation of homosexuality not male homosexuals alone. I wanted to show a definite difference in how males and females were treated by the criminal justice system, and possible reasons for that difference and as stated in the notes, some possible theories to explain or at least help gain an understanding of the situation. Did you note for example that female homosexuality years ago was looked at as simply nit happening because it was far too dirty a thing and women would not do that!… The area under discussion in this paper is gays and lesbians acts because it is one of the topics that have gained popularity over the decades. In most religious and media settings, homosexuality is under scrutiny because these groups of individuals have spoken out against the discriminations they are facing. They want to be recognised and embraced as part of the normal society, and protecting their human rights. In addition, they want the society to accept their way of living and appreciate that they have morals and standards that need to be respected. In relation to gender, crime &amp. justice module, this area is relevant because it brings out the laws governing such acts and addresses the criminal activities associated with the group of individuals. The module talks about different issues affecting the society and thus, by looking at the topic of discussion, society members will have a different view of how to treat the bisexuals in society.&nbsp. These groups of individuals have been mocked and looked down upon, but in essence, they are a group that needs to be motivated in order to raise their self-esteem. This will culminate to the raising of their standards in society and hence, will contribute in acts of nation building through engaging in activities. Current developments undermining binary oppositions of woman and man are issues that religious, and legal systems are trying so hard to cope with including the definitions of their cultural and sexual identities. The current data on criminalisation of homosexuality explains how the concrete England and Wales, Scottish societies and Legislation have managed to deal with the allegation of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals (LGBT). The data is also used in explaining the stigma of homosexuality and trends with regard to historical perspectives. Thus, the society will be aware of the growth rate, which spills down to it being a useful tool of measurement. Hence, this creates health and saves the life of many individuals. As a result, this will give researchers and sociologists a new angle of viewing things and. hence, they will be able to understand the existing relation between homosexuality and the rise of HIV/AIDS. &nbsp. Section 1&nbsp. In England and Scotland, legal approaches to the criminalising of homosexuality includes less direct approaches that seek to prevent the promotion of homosexuality, responds to public health concerns, and protects children. In England and Wales, homosexuality was legalised in July of 1967 by the Sexual Offences Act and thus, led to the decriminalisation of homosexuality for men (Cviklova, 2012, p.50) over 21 years. Additionally, the activity had to take place in a private room, and participation was limited to only two people. These are the interpretations of the court and were inclusive to exclude acts in a hotel or home where a third person is present.

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