If so, which specific elements, systems, facilities or processes seem most vulnerable?

Conduct research online to find an example of a hazard, critical incident or major disaster that affected water or wastewater supplies or infrastructure facilities and systems in any community or area of our country, or another country. This may include problems caused by natural disasters (e.g., earthquakes, floods, algae blooms, etc.), cyber disruptions, terrorist attacks, or mechanical/technological malfunctions and failures. Briefly describe the incident, including the cause or source of the problem, the actual or potential impacts, and possible hazard mitigation measures.
2.) Considering the familiar axiom, “the solution to pollution is dilution,” do you believe that the water sector is highly vulnerable? If so, which specific elements, systems, facilities or processes seem most vulnerable? Or, do you believe the threat to our water systems or supplies is exaggerated, and that this CI/KR sector is not really vulnerable, or that terrorists would not be attracted to those targets because it would be too difficult to create mass casualties or actual terror through attacking the water system because the sheer volumes of water would dilute the contaminants? What about wastewater systems? How, if at all, would interdependencies between the water sector and other CI/KR sectors affect your view? Support your assertions and conclusions with logical arguments and evidence from research in authoritative sources.

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