If they were not arrested discuss why you do not think they were.

First review the power point “measuring crime.” This information is ‘fair game’ for the first test so please read it carefully and ask questions in office hours or class about it if needed. Next, apply what you learned in talking to others about their experiences. Find three people (by phone or in person who have been the victims of a crime. Find out what happened to them. Ask them if they reported the crime to the police. If they did ask them why? If they did not find out why not. Find three people (by phone, email or in person) who have had some contact with the police because of something they may have done (not necessarily arrested). Find out what it is they were suspected of or arrested for. If they were not arrested discuss why you do not think they were. If they were arrested discuss why you think they were. Tie the information from the power point into your discussion of the interviewees decision to report or not report.

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