If you had to choose an interview candidate again would you choose this same person, why or why not?

The interview assignment asks you to perform an informational interview with a professional within the Fitness and Wellness industry. The person does not have to be an owner but simply someone who is or has been highly active in the administrative and operations of any aspect of the Fitness and Wellness industry. For example, a personal trainer who successfully contracts services, a physical therapist who actively performs payroll and PT assistant hiring, a head or assistant coach who performs operational and budgeting tasks would all be acceptable.
Before the actual interview, you will design several interview questions based on your interests as a fitness professional. The interview can be in person or via phone or skype. Use the information gathered from the following video: How to Do an Informational Interview to prepare yourself for the interview. Write out the questions before the interview. The interview should last between 15 – 45 minutes. Following the interview, write a summary of your findings. The summary, to be submitted for the Final (4th) Assignment, should be at least 3-5 pages, APA formatted, and should provide information on what made this person successful in his or her business, as well as any characteristics of the business that make it successful. Add your thoughts and comments on the experience with the interview and how your findings influence your thoughts on running or starting a business.

Essay Submission of Interview Findings.
1.) Write a summary of your interview findings.
In addition discuss…
A.) Why you chose the individual
B.) The type of questions you chose to ask them
C.) Why you chose those questions
D.) How the interview changed or did not change your perspective on the business side of fitness and wellness
E.) If you had to choose an interview candidate again would you choose this same person, why or why not?
3-5 pages, APA format, 3-5 references including the correct APA citation of your interview.

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