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Comment on the discussion post below (2-3 sentences EACH question).  Comments should address the following questions:

1: Were you able to get a good grasp of what the video was based on the summary?  Why or why not?

2: Describe one other way this technology could be used in the future.  Is this an ethical or unethical use of the technology?  Why or why not?

why blue whales don’t get cancer

summarize the video- larger animals are immune to cancer. When a kill switch feels it can turn into a cancer cell, but most of them are slayed by the immune system very quickly. all animals have to deal with this problem most just have few cells and a shorter life span. Over time animals began to get bigger and bigger causing them to have more cells and for their cells to develop and grow immun. larger animals have more tumor suppressant genes, the tumor suppressant genes prevent the muted from happening. the amount of neutrons the cancer cell into a tumor can steal from the body because the limiting factor of growth.

what did you find interesting or learn about while watching the video? – that large animals are immune to cancer, they are immune to cancer because over the time of animal growth development animals have become more involved and they have more tumor suppressant genes causing them to not get diseases faster because the tumor separation genes kill the bad cells off.

are their any ethical or moral concerns with what you watched? – a moral cancer is that wheals and other lager animals don’t get cancer as easily as smaller and humans.

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