Illustrate an energy diagram for the reaction

Q1. The subsequent reaction occurs within eukaryotic cells: 2 H2O2 ? 2 H2O + O2

1) State which organelle this reaction occurs in.

2) specify if this reaction is endergonic or exergonic.

3) Specify if this reaction is anabolic or catabolic.

4) Recognize which enzyme catalyzes this reaction.

5) Offer a biological or chemical definition for: transition state

6) illustrate an energy diagram for this reaction, showing the reaction pathways that would occur both with and without the enzyme that catalyzes this reaction.

Label on the energy diagram:



-The position of all transition states

-The relative (non-numerical) levels of activation energy required with and without enzyme that catalyzes the reaction

-The net energy released in the reaction both with the enzyme and without enzyme

7) Plants lacking this enzyme grow slowly and are often light green or white in colour. Provide explanations with support for both these plants’ slow growth rates and light-green or white appearance.

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