“”Imagine you work for the first of these companies (Fantastic Holdings Limite(h

“”Imagine you work for the first of these companies (Fantastic Holdings Limite(http://www.aspecthuntley.com.au.ezproxy.scu.edu.au/af/company/mainview?ASXCode=FAN). The second is one of your company’s competitors(Nick Scali Limited). Task 1: Working Capital Management (10 marks) Your boss has asked you to assess the company’s working capital management relative to that of its competitor and provide recommendations for improvement. In providing recommendations for improvement, you should outline possible actions and note any potential benefits and costs. In making your assessment and recommendations consider potential differences between your company and its competitor that could explain convergent results. Where relevant, these should be noted. (For example, although the companies may compete in some markets, they may also have different areas of business.) recommendations

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