IMC plan powerpoint project

Description This powerpoint is going to be done using the product Dove Bodywash! Below are the directions given for the powerpoint. Prepare a MS PowerPoint presentation for part 1 as follows: 1. Title slide—name of product, your name, date, course information, plus part 1 table of contents 2. Description of product, providing details on what consumer need the product fills, the physical description, any service components that come with it, as well as any after sales support such as guarantee, warranties or customer support, plus the other areas in the template. 3. Product’s competitive position 4. Value proposition 5. Primary target market characteristics – ID 3 targets 6. Target market’s buyer decision behavior 7. Brand strategy 8. Product life cycle stage & benefit analysis 9. Channel design (channel members and role) and distribution strategy (intensive, selective, or exclusive) 10. Communication objectives based on buyer-readiness stages. Note: objectives must be stated in measurable terms.

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