.In 2004, George W. Bush was running for re-election

Response to each of the following which should be no less than 150 words and no more than about 300 words each

1.In 2004, George W. Bush was running for re-election. Whenever a politician runs for re-election, the question arises, did they keep their promises? Are we heading in the right direction with this leader? The war on terror was a huge part of the impact on Bush’s campaign and his presidential term. According to Campell (2005), the majority of Americans supported Bush’s acts on the war on terror, additionally, Americans and the politicians felt more confident in Bush handling the war, rather than John Kerry. This topic was no doubt the biggest pressing issue at the time of this election with September 11th just a few years prior to the election, Americans still wanted justice against Osama Bin Laden and his groups of Taliban fighters.

The 2008 election was perhaps one of the biggest elections of our era. Personally I supported Barack Obama. I liked his campaign, his promises, his personality and demeanor was strong; his image was a great suit for the younger generation. I am saying this because my next statement, as a Caucasian male, may not be so popular, but I definitely feel this is the truth saying and an important fact; many African Americans that typically would not vote, did vote simply to support an African American, and bring a change to our country with an African American running the country. I remember Obama did not really address this topic, which is great I think because it showed that his skin color was a minor feature of what he stood for. I think a lot of African Americans particularly celebrities and music artists deterred what Obama and his plans had in store for America, it became more like a quest to get a black president and not really care what direction he takes us in. For example Ludacris and his song Paint the White House Black .
Obama promised change to our country, which most Americans desired as we were all growing tired of the war on terror, not just because of the expensive bill that came with it, but the thousands of soldiers that laid their life on the line as well. The change was fairly simple from the 2004 election to the 2008 election. The new direction the majority of Americans wanted was to stay out of other countries business, and focus on our own.
In 2012 there was some change in the American political culture. This time there was no more focused conquer of an African American president, we went back to what is really important. Like the 2004 election; did he keep his promise? Is he leading us in the right direction? I thought so, at least at that time. He promised to get troops out of Iraqcheck. Other than that, there were not a lot of major promises kept, however, troops out of Iraq was a huge issue he did tackle and succeed in. Obamas campaign did target a different audience which was the biggest change. As I mentioned earlier he was appealing to a younger audience, this time around he was focused on an audience towards elderly and families under the middle class with his proposal of Obama care. His focus this time was ensuring everyone is eligible for health care. The health care acts by Obama was perhaps his defining point in this election for it was something not really targeted by Bush.

2. The differences in the political parties between the Liberals and Conservatives are polarized during the current state of the nation due to the end of the Cold War and the supposed end of the Global war on terror. (POLS210 Week 2 Lesson 1) When America has a direct enemy, the parties join and decide what is better for the nation and the way ahead.
In 2004, President Bush had the fate of the nation at his disposal due to the Global war on terror. He utilized the war and the recent attack on the world trade center to further his campaign and tugged on America’s heart strings. (Farhi, 2004) According to uselectionatlas.org, he finished with 50.73% of the popular vote and 286 votes from the Electorate. President Bush in my opinion won the election by winning America’s hearts with his agenda for the war on terror.
In 2008, President Obama campaigned with a hard anti-Bush statement and promised to end the war on terror and bring back the economy after the bubble had burst in 2006. (Lizza, 2008) According to uselectionatlas.org, he finished with 52.86% of the popular vote and 365 votes from the Electorate. President Obama won this election by being anti-Bush which is what America wanted to hear at the time.
In 2012, President Obama once again took a hard stance against his opponent and campaigned by slandering Romney and swaying America’s vote with Anti-Romney media. On a personal note, I personally cannot recall a single stance that what significant in this campaign. According to uselectionatlas.org, he finished with 51.01% of the popular vote and 332 votes from the Electorate. President Obama won this election, in my opinion by doing nothing more than He said, she said slander and got enough of the vote to win.
During the 1956 presidential election a women stated Senator, you have the vote of every thinking person! in which Adlai Stevenson replied: That’s not enough, madam, we need a majority. (POLS210 Week 2 Lesson 2) Just as in 1956, it is my belief that the majority of voting Americans do not think for themselves and only pick what political candidate states and take it at face value.
The most significant difference for me in each election throughout the last 10 years is the advancement of social media. President Obama is the first Commander in Chief to run for office and win with the world of information at everyone’s finger tips. That, coupled with the Shock Jocks demonizing one political party over the other. True information and knowledge has to come from both sides without the Confirmation bias taking effect in all. The confirmation bias is an individual’s tendency to only listen and believe with the statement that corresponds with their beliefs and disregard and disbelieve anything that doesn’t match their belief system. For instance, if I like a republican member on Facebook, I will receive notifications about how Democrats are in the wrong and Republicans are in the right on any issue. This biased information will confirm an individual’s beliefs without any evidence to support it, unless you dig deep into the facts yourself.

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