In other words, are you trying to lose weight, move more, or generally be more active?

You want to be healthy and have more energy throughout your day. Therefore, you decide to conduct a nutritional analysis. Complete the following:Complete the table to keep track of your food intake for 1 day this week. Include the following: What type of foods did you eat? What is the nutritional content of this food? If your food is packaged with a nutritional label, copy that information into the table in Question 2. Otherwise, visit the website in the document to obtain the information.Save your worksheet, and present it with 300-500 words containing the following information: Which nutrient do you eat the most of? How does your overall food intake match what is recommended for you? Do you have a specific exercise goal right now? For example, a weight-lifting plan or a race training plan? What type of nutrient would your goal require? In other words, if you are trying to build muscle, do you need a lot of energy for a long run, etc.?Do you have a personal health goal right now? In other words, are you trying to lose weight, move more, or generally be more active? What might you need to change about your current diet to meet this goal? In other word, do you need to cut calories/energy or eat less of a particular nutrient?What changes do you think you might need to make in your diet to meet your health goal or just generally be healthier?

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