In summary: (1) choose which deontological method you will use and indicate that method;

or your second paper you are to consider a particular situation, namely, that of direct-to-consumer drug advertising/marketing. You are to decide if direct-to-consumer advertising/marketing of pharmaceutical drugs is ethical. Does the advertising/marketing lead to self-diagnosis or take advantage of someone’s hope for a cure? If you decide that the direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals is ethical, why is the U.S. and New Zealand the only two developed countries that allow it?  This is to be an analysis and no just be a description of the situation.

Whether you decide the advertising is ethical or unethical, argue your case from a deontological point of view.  That means that you may use and apply Kant’s categorical imperative, or Rawl’s principles of justice. Remember, a deontological approach mandates that one’s duty is to do what is morally right and to avoid what is morally wrong, regardless of the consequences.

In arguing your position, assume that you are writing for a general audience, and write in such a way as to try to convince your readers that you are correct in your moral judgment.  To do this you will have to present and develop your arguments along one or more of the deontological approaches. After presenting your initial argument, consider at least one argument on the other side.  This antithetical argument may be either deontological or utilitarian in nature.  Then answer that alternative argument.

Your paper should come to a definite conclusion concerning the practice.  In summary: (1) choose which deontological method you will use and indicate that method; (2) use that method, developing the argument in support of your case; (3) present and answer an argument on the other side; and (4) draw the conclusion to which your argument leads you.

Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length. As with all of your papers, it should be formatted double-spaced, 12-point font, with one-inch margins and will include a properly formatted works cited. There should also be a minimum of at least 3 sources cited.

Your paper should be written in sections that are identified by the Grading Criteria found in the Syllabus.  Namely; Introduction, Moral Argument, Alternative, Conclusion, References.  In doing so, the Format should be followed.

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