In what ways might we strive to overcome confirmation bias?

Answer in what ways are people manipulated by the media that they consume
The media has a huge influence on people. Perhaps we perceive a certain race more endangering than others, or we are led to believe that a certain brand of sneakers are “cool” to have, and if you don’t have some then you are not cool. For example, the presentation of what beauty is and what it should look like is very unrealistic for many people. Women are beautiful according to the media only if they are tall, fair skinned, and thin. Men are handsome if they have six packs and strong arms. This sort of message can be very harmful especially for young adults and children.

Give specific examples of that manipulation
Hollywood features many beautiful people on their multi-billion dollar films. This gives people the feeling that in order for their dreams to come true of becoming an actor or actress, then they must be beautiful themselves.

Explain the types of consequences that can follow from people having more choices of what media they can consume
If people have more choices and variety on the media, then there wouldn’t be people suffering from self-esteem issues. These issues can come in the form of depression, bulimia, anorexia, and even suicide. By the media providing people with more choices of actors that look more like everyone else, they will become more relatable and achievable.

Answer whether we control our media or or whether it controls us
I believe the media controls us. They decide what is in and what is out. One example is the clothes we wear. Commercials show us what is acceptable and what is not. Children see it and ask their parents to buy them what the media is promoting, therefore controlling us. Advertisement is not cheap for a reason, because it controls what people buy and what they don’t.

Answer what people can do to break free from “media hypnosis” and have broader, more objective points of view.
One of the things that people can to do in order to break free from “media hypnosis” is stop watching so much television and disengage from the internet. Many people nowadays are hooked on their phones. If they just let go and stop being so addicted to facebook and other social media outlets, they would feel more free and much less pressure to fit in. People need to start living life from their own eyes and not just through the screen on their telephones.

In what ways might we strive to overcome confirmation bias?
One of the ways we can strive to overcome confirmation bias is by starting in our own homes. We have to make sure our children have high self-esteems and that they cannot be easily influenced by what they see in the media. I sincerely believe that is where we need to start, with our children.

Address anything else that you find relevant and interesting in the chapter and video.
One thing I found interesting is the huge role that media plays in our everyday lives, and I did not like it one bit, especially when I think of my own children. I want them to break free of those chains and live life to their own terms and not to what everyone else sees is appropriate or not. One must be honest and true to themselves!

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