Indigenous Health

Indigenous Health
Assignment guidelines
1. Using an Indigenous map, locate the Traditional Custodians of the Australian geographical post code 6530 -Yamaji People.

Identify who the Traditional Custodians of the land are and how they are defined.
2. Evaluate one (1) health care facility from the allocated postcode (6530)-Yamaji People
3. Identify the nursing and health care practices and policies in this environment that informs nurses and health professionals in their delivery of culturally inclusive care to the identified Traditional Custodians.
4. In your role as a beginning health care professional (RN/RM) and following your review of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards 1 and/or 2), identify the local processes in place to engage the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community that are aligned to these National Standards.
5. Suggest three (3) ways of how a student nurse can contribute to the professional development to deliver culturally inclusive engagement with people from Indigenous cultures.

An Introduction which clearly states the purpose of the assignment
The Body of the assignment requires
identification of the post code 6530;Yamaji People. Traditional Custodians (using the Horton Aboriginal Map and information sourced from councils etc) and identification of the health facility to be reviewed (hospital, health service, community health service)
Identification and discussion regarding the policies that informs the nurses/health practitioners about how to deliver culturally inclusive care (This was discussed in the workshops).
When using the National Safety and Quality Health Standards: the discussion needs to clearly identify which standard is being used
Then identify how the health service meets or does not meet the standard chosen
3 ways a nursing student can participate in own professional development regarding culturally inclusive care; this can be own professional development, delivering professional development to peers or both. for example look up “Ramsden’s cultural safety”.

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