Indigenous health

Indigenous health This is a critical analysis essay that requires students to answer 2 out of 4 questions 750 words each + 5 references related to Indigenous health in Australia. Question 1 Undertake a review of literature about the concept of ˜terra nullius’. Explain why this concept has had a detrimental impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s social emotional and wellbeing throughout the colonized history of Australia. Question 3 based on a case study which I will attach After reading the case study ˜Nancy’s birthing story’, discuss the risks and benefits associated with birthing on country. You must relate your answer back to the case study. You may want to consider such issues as: What does it mean to an Indigenous woman to gve’ ˜birth on country’? What type of support is required today for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to give ˜birth on country’? Do you think that support would make a difference to the health outcomes of mothers and infants? If so, why?

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