The individual assignment is divided into two parts, namely parts A and B. FINISH PARTS A AND B IN MS WORD AND MS EXCEL, respectively.
MS Word Part A (worth 70%)
i) Create some statistical information and put it in a table to support your argument. The use of tables unrelated to your essay is improper.

ii) Use the right pictures. Give the titles and descriptions of the photographs.

iii) Place a page 2 automatic table of contents.
iv) The following elements should be included in the document’s style:
• A centered header with your name on each page of the paper
• A centered footer on each page of the document with the page number
• Border separating a header and footer from the page’s content
Heading (sub-heading) and body. Left 2.0cm, right 2.0cm, top 2.0cm, bottom 1.9cm. Font heading Verdana 14, body Courier New 11. Line spacing 1.5 10 Marks.
MS Excel (30%) in Part B

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Make a spreadsheet containing the table(s) created in Section I of Part A of the assignment. To analyze the spreadsheet, use charts in Microsoft Excel 2010. You must use the chart kinds (such as Column, Line, and Pie) covered in class. Graph the following information

a) Column heading, axis labels, and 10 marks in the legend

b) 10 marks for the legend, the axes, and the line title.

c) Pie legend, title, values, and percentages 10 markings
Submission Requirements
The following information must be included with the assignment: a cover page for a paper

The following information should be on the document cover page:
Your first and last names, the course title and number, the term and year, the name of your college, and the title of the assignment

Format for submitting files
Save the cover sheet for the assignment as student IDcover.docx (for example, ALMA03Cover.docx).
The document should be saved as student IDWord.docx (for example, ALMA03Word.docx).
The MS Excel file should be saved as student IDExcel.xlsx (such as ALMA03Excel.xlsx).
WARNING: The word limit for this debate is 1000, and late work will only receive a 50% grade.



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