8.1 Individual Reports


You are supposed to prepare a marketing report in two stages for a company of your choice (chosen from a variety of industries, markets, and organizations described by the module leader), utilizing secondary sources of data. The first step will be a situation analysis, and the second phase will go into detail about the goals, plans, and strategies you suggest based on your findings from the first phase.
Use the report format that follows:
Title, From, To, and Date

Introduction or Terms of Reference
2. Method (or procedure)
3. Results
Section heading (if necessary) and subheading
1. A sub-point, if applicable
4. Finality
5. Recommendations (only for Report 1)

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The following criteria will be used to evaluate both stages within the report structure mentioned above:

• In-depth study, analysis, interpretation, and conversation; • Proper application of strategic marketing frameworks; • Report’s physical presentation; • Answer’s originality

On the first page, include the word count (for both reports) and include a bibliography (in Harvard format) at the end of the paper. The entire document should be 1.5 lines wide, written in Arial font in size 12, bound with one staple in the top left corner, and properly cited all through (

Please be aware that beyond the deadline, Turnitin will not accept any coursework submissions. The general submission method for MKT3110 is both a hard copy and an electronic copy. Any deadline that is not met (hard copy or electronic copy, regardless of whether one deadline is missed or more) will result in the failure of that particular assessment or assessments, as well as a further 10% deduction from your final module mark. Last but not least, you should be aware that there is a significant lag time between uploading a piece of work to Turnitin and the system publicly acknowledging it via a “similarity report” (see Turnitin video/written instructions on the module MyUniHub website for more information). Therefore, avoid waiting until the last minute to upload coursework because you can be let down.

Reports 1 and 2 are covered in detail in the sections that follow.

8.1.1 Individual Report 1 (thirty percent of the final grade)

You must create a situation analysis in report style with reference to a company of your choice (as mentioned above) and utilize the necessary strategic frameworks. The following information should be analyzed:
Competitive Analysis Market Analysis? Environmental Analysis? Customer analysis? Internal Evaluation
A SWOT analysis, a list of important ideas such as strategic groupings, the value chain, segmentation, etc., as well as a synopsis of the main problems your chosen firm is facing, should also be included. The strategic frameworks, theories, and instruments that are accessible for conducting a situation analysis are urged to be given special attention.

By Tuesday, December 15, 2015 (week 11), you should turn in a hard copy of your work to the UniHelp Desk in the Sheppard Library by 8:00 p.m., and you should turn in an electronic copy via Turnitin by 9:00 p.m. This submission choice is BOTH, not either/or. This evaluation should be 1.5 lines in width, in the font Arial, bound with a single staple in the upper left corner, and properly referenced all through. Include a bibliography at the conclusion of the work (Harvard system) and include the word count on the first page. The word count for this first report should not exceed 2000 (+/- 10%).

This summative test covers learning outcomes 2 through 6 and 8.

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