Information Systems/ Implementation of ICT

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implementation of ICT

It is inevitable that some stakeholders are excluded from the decision- or design-making process when ICT or information systems are implemented within an organization, or even when they are adopted on a national level. These and other organizations frequently have strong arguments against using information systems. You can better understand the impact of innovative information systems on enterprises with the aid of this application.

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Find and present a case study where a significant information systems project was successful because the information systems analysts recognized and shunned common but unacknowledged assumptions or behaviors. This case study should not be included in the textbook.

Your case should be presented as a report in APA format. The methodologies used to identify the beliefs and behaviors should be covered in your report. Discuss in your report how the information systems analysts’ ability to recognize unacknowledged beliefs and behaviors enabled them to steer clear of mistakes and other challenges during the project and how these strategies may be applied generally. The report’s main body shouldn’t be longer than five pages.

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