I have an assignment which is the below:

The assignment is from the book and it in the attachment. It is in page 285.

I’m responsible for doing one question which is number 3.

1. The make-versus-buy decision is important every time a new application is requested of the IS

group. What, in your opinion, are the key reasons an IS organization should make its own systems?

What are the key reasons it should buy an application?

2. Is offshoring a problem to your country? To the global economy? Please explain.

3. When does cloud computing make sense for a large corporation that already has an IS

organization? Give an example of when cloud computing might make sense for a start-up company?

4. Does a captive center resolve the concerns managers have about outsourcing to a third party

vendor? Why or why not?

I attached the Book

Please the answer of my question is maximum one and half page


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