After reading the chapters in this module, review the following three (3) topics below. Choose and post your response to one (1) topic. Then review and reply to a classmate who posted on a different topic. For example, if you posted a reply to topic #1, review and reply to a classmate who posted on topic #2 or #3.


#1 Chapter 1 High-Potential Ventures
Many see every small business as a high-potential venture. How realistic is that? Are most small businesses high-potential ventures or do they tend to be less lucrative?
#2 Chapter 2 The Greatest Issue?
In a survey of small businesses, respondents said the most difficult ethical issue they faced was relationships with customers, clients, and competitors. Discuss ethical issues you believe fit into those categories and how a business can address them.
#3 Chapter 2 Social Responsibility
Meeting obligations to society and the environment may cost a business more money. Is social responsibility only an issue for large corporations or is it important for small businesses to make this part of their operations? Discuss the impact of social responsibility on a small firm and how they should respond.


In order to earn the full points for this assignment, you must:

  • Begin your post with the Chapter # and topic
  • Clearly and accurately explain your answer based on factual information. (25 points)
  • Include examples, illustrations and/or applications in your answer. If you copy information from the Internet, you must cite your source. (25 points)
  • Respond to one of your classmate’s post on one of the OTHER topics. (25 points)
  • Explain the reason for your agreement or disagreement or why you think the post is important, and/or provide examples of the point(s) made. Just replying “I agree with you” does not constitute a valid reply. (25 points)


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