Select an insurance provider with a US basis that is publicly traded. You must write a report about the business you choose that contains the information listed below:

Business News
An analysis of the company’s stock performance accounting ratios in the form of a chart (see related document)
An explanation of the business
What are your favorite aspects of the business
The Business’s Rivals
The Company’s Future Outlook and Any Additional Information You May Find Useful

So that they are current, ALL FINANCIALS MUST BE FROM SEPTEMBER 30, 2015, AND AFTER.
Ratios in accounting
The four accounting ratios listed below are essential for your paper:

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Loss Ratio is calculated as (losses plus loss adjustment costs) / net premiums earned.

Underwriting costs divided by net premiums written is the expense ratio.

Owners’ equity divided by net income equals return on equity.

Loss Reserves-to-Suplus Ratio = ALL Loss Reserves/Suplus (owners equity or net worth are other names for surplus).
(Reserves are the total of unpaid losses, case reserves, and claim reserves.)



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