Integrated Emergency Management: Pratice and issues


Order Information MO24 LON F10 Assignment 1
You have been instructed by Bapco to conduct an analysis of the planned operation following the signing of the contract between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for the replacement pipeline.

(See more pertinent websites and the article at

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As the only author, you are required to submit a team brief in response to the following tasks:

Create a catastrophe management strategy that includes:
Techniques for handling diverse risk types
Loss estimation and resource inventory o Communication management with all parties involved in the plan; o How the plan will be maintained. mapping the scenario in terms of dangers, vulnerability, and impact.
Make whatever assumptions you have explicit.

Your team brief should not contain more than 2000 words (/-10%) without counting references and up to five pages of appendices. You should conduct research on the most effective way to interact with the different stakeholders as you are writing your team brief.
There will be a penalty for exceeding the word count based on the quantity of extra words.
These learning objectives are tested by this assignment:
Show that you have a thorough understanding of the objectives, goals, and reach of emergency planning.
Analyze the evolution of emergency planning techniques during the past ten years.
Communicate the emergency plan implementation method clearly.
4. Create a reconstruction strategy after a disaster.


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